Mahindian Identity
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The present crest of the college
The present crest of the college which was adopted by Mr.Woodward from Theosophical symbolism is explained by him thus. “You Know in astrology, Saturn signifies the concrete mind or knowledge of things intellect. Venus signifies the Abstract or higher Manas but each point of the star is perfection. They join. This is manifestation of a Universe. Spirit and Matter are eternal but when they join, as when the positive and negative currents of electricity (which always exist but not Ex-ist) show a spark when joined. This universe is spark, some of matter, passes into spirit which is Higher why, we cannot know. We only know by tradition and analogy and modern research that there is perfected action and re-action and the contact of force (A) and the Matter (M) is called U (manifested existence). This is a sacred word AUM which is, in the exoteric books is called God’s or Brahama’s Voice, which creates the universe (out of Akasa which is the finest film of Matter). You cannot think beyond Akasa without losing consciousness…” The Crest is the Symbol of perfected action.
-F.L. Woodward-